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Another season .. and new name.. for an MSN Video Original

By MSN Team Jan 31, 2011 2:07PM

 MSN has re-launched THE daily show about what is buzzing the web. You may remember “The Surf Report,” but, frankly, you can only tell people so many times that “no, we aren’t a show about surfing! We’re a show about what’s big on the web.” So it made sense to relaunch the show as what we are…


Big on the Web. Sometimes a direct approach is better!

The show is still hosted by comedian Andrew Santino, however now instead of just telling you what people are searching for online, we’re looking at "why" things are popular, finding all of the hilarious online reactions to pop culture and telling you a little bit more about the people and the sites we've found. It's the same, fun show about the web, you just get to find out what's BIGGER on the web. 

Our goal: bring you the best of what the ‘net has to offer. So you’ll see great mashups like the Natalie Portman’s Golden Globe laugh-track, learn which are the best sites to waste your time, and discover creative ways to use the new Facebook profile layout. Before you know it YOU’LL be the one posting awesome videos to your Facebook page – instead of Bob from Accounting


Nicole Blum

Producer, Big on the Web