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Comedy Gets a New Face on MSN

The Bubble unveils streamlined site with HTLM5

By MSN Team Nov 14, 2011 10:29AM


MSN users have countless reasons to smile, and now they have a new reason to laugh. MSN and Grind Media have launched a redesign of the comedy destination, “The Bubble”. The new, clean design surfaces  more content on the homepage and has an improved browse experience, making content much easier to discover. The change results in more promotional space and enhanced flexibility to add new content.


The new site includesenhanced access to Bing - a search box with pre-populated search terms.

Additionally, this site was built from the ground up in HTML5 to improve functionality on mobile devices and tablets, extending our reach to a wider audience.



If you need a laugh break (or two) to ease the daily doldrums, spend a few minutes browsing The Bubble.


- James Purcell, MSN Video