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Go See This Movie

MSN Movies kickstarts your weekend movie plans with a new web series

By MSN Team Aug 24, 2011 12:17PM

This week, we're launching a new weekly web show, "Go See This Movie.” The program will air Thursdays on Co-hosts JoJo Wright, weeknight DJ on KIIS-FM, and Stuart Brazell will preview the movies opening each weekend and give you a fast-paced breakdown of you need to know before putting your money down at the box office, including comparisons to other favorite flicks, clips and ratings. Each movie will also have a scorecard on the elements that make a great movie– action, romance, hot guys/girls, family friendly, etc. – so you can quickly determine the hot ticket for the weekend.

Additionally, viewers will find reviews, trailers, movie times and locations and all the movie info they need on, the one-stop destination for cinephiles.


- The MSN Movies Team