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Introducing MSN Money & Politics

In step with Super Tuesday, MSN launches new section looking at intersection of money and politics

By MSN Team Mar 6, 2012 11:59AM

Just in time for Super Tuesday, MSN Money is launching a new politics section today. Visit MSN Money & Politics to find daily political news updates, great election-related features and timely video.


Today, we have feature articles on the spending spree by Super PACs, Obama’s problem with rising gas prices, and the two political issues that could bring down the U.S. economy. Of course, we also have up-to-the minute coverage of the Super Tuesday races. Be sure to take our poll and check out our curated feed of some of the most thought-provoking headlines on Twitter.Why a section dedicated to money and politics? As election 2012 approaches, we’ve found readers are clamoring to learn more about how campaign proposals could affect their own personal finances. Will income tax rates rise? Will the U.S. budget deficit spark higher interest rates? Will the economy slow if the government cuts back on Federal stimulus?


The stock market has rallied so far this year in anticipation of a stronger U.S. economy, but many forecasters remain doubtful that robust growth is ahead. The actions of the upcoming election season could dictate if the US economy continues on a pace of recovery or starts slowing once again.


To stay on top of all these developments – and track the progress of candidates -- check out MSN Money & Politics daily. You can also follow us on Twitter @money_politics.


-      -  Amey Stone, MSN Money